Say, "No" to plastic!

This year we, the School Council, are working towards making Hernhill an Eco School.
We have carried out an Environmental Review and visited each class to gather information about the things we already do in school and the things we need to do in future to make our school more environmentally friendly.
The review covers 9 areas and from this we are going to develop an action plan which will improve our school environment, the local community and, with your help, the wider world.
After starting the project this year we have been told about a campaign which one of our Year 1 parents is involved with.
This is to reduce the amount of plastic we use which will help to improve the environment and save animals that are being harmed by plastic pollution. Therefore, we have made the reduction of waste one of the targets of the action plan.
A group of Faversham residents, who are concerned about how plastic is polluting the environment, have started a campaign to say `No' to plastic and are inviting people to take part in a challenge - to give up as much plastic as possible during one week. `Say "No" to Plastic week' is from 18th to 24th February and we would like our school community to take part.
We are holding an assembly this Thursday (8th February) to talk to the rest of the school about the campaign and we have attached a flyer with further information in the hope that many of you will join in the challenge.
The children will also be invited to take part in a poster drawing competition, which is voluntary, and they will receive team points for their entries! If they wish to make a poster please return it to school by the Wednesdayafter half term (Wednesday 21st February).