At Hernhill we see assessment as an integral part of teaching and learning, and it is inextricably linked to our curriculum. We use three broad overarching forms of assessment: day-to-day in-school formative assessment, in-school summative assessment and nationally standardised summative assessment.

  • Teachers use their professional knowledge and judgement to assess the children on a day-to-day basis which is used to inform future teaching. Pedagogical approaches and strategies are regularly shared amongst teachers through the vehicle of ‘Lesson Study’.
  • In-School summative assessment,
  • National standardised summative assessment


Useful information for parents

  • The curriculum is split into year groups.
  • There is a list of ‘End of year expectations’ for each year group.
  • This means most children are expected to achieve them.
  • The emphasis is now on consolidating and extending pupils within their own year group’s curriculum.
  • At the end of each seasonal term we judge where pupils are in relation to their own year group’s curriculum using both testing and teacher assessment. 
  • Teachers use their professional expertise to judge where a child is in relation to their year group’s curriculum based on the child’s day to day work, rather than in a test situation.
  • We also use various tassessments in Maths and English to help us assess what the children can do. Finding out what they can’t do, helps us plan for what to do next.

We share a Pupil Summary Report with parent at the Autumn and Spring term parents' evenings. The report summarises how their child is doing against key reading, writing and maths curriculum objectives. See part of an anonymous Year 4 example report below.